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About Us
We are a small Boxer Kennel from Southern California . We believe in raising healthy working boxers with excellent conformation and excellent temperament . Our dogs are first and foremost family dogs . Dog sports and conformation shows are done to help maintain the original standard and purpose of the Boxer as a working dog . We do not believe in breeding just to breed . The time and effort it takes to train for dog sports and prepare for confirmation is very time consuming so we would rather put the time into our dogs so that when we do breed we can preserve the Boxer standard . Dornenbusch Boxers is also a member of USABOX , Boxers West , and DVG .

Why do we work our dogs ?
We feel it is important to work the dogs so you know and understand what work is. if you do not work the dog you can not evaluate a dog , and if you promote working dogs should you not at least know what it is to work a dog . Work should be a essential for any Boxer Kennel , the Boxer is a working dog and should  be able to perform the tasks that they were created to do . We work our dogs in the sport of Schutzhund witch consist of obedience , tracking , and protection work which test the dogs Character .  

Why are we members of Boxer Clubs ?
First there are rules and regulations in any legitimate Boxer club in regards to breeding practices and health testing . USABOX is the only Boxer Club in the U.S. that is a Atibox member and has a affiliating with the FCI through Atibox . USABOX is also the only organization in the U.S. that can bring international judges from the FCI and BK Munchen for confirmation show and breed test for boxers. Boxers West is a USABOX Club which maintains the standards of USABOX and has access to the same affiliations as USABOX .